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Backtrack 3 out - with VoIP security tools

Published on Jun 20, 2008 in ,

The final Backtrack 3 is out and it features some VoIP tools in the /pentest directory: SIPVicious (guess you know by now what this is about :) Voiper - a SIP fuzzing toolkit which aims at identifying flaws in VoIP products that do SIP and SDP. Sipbomber - a SIP testing tool which has test cases that are run against SIP enabled software / devices SIP Rogue - allows application level man in the middle (MITM) attacks on SIP devices.…

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SIPVicious tools roadmap

Published on Jun 11, 2008 in ,

I’m looking at improving SIPVicious and would appreciate your input for new features or any possible bug fixes. Send me an email with ideas, or simply leave a comment. Check my current “to do” list here.…

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SIPVicious version 0.2.3 with fingerprinting and dns goodies

Published on Jun 3, 2008 in , ,

Just posted a new version of SIPVicious v0.2.3. This includes some new features as well as bug fixes. However be warned - bugs have been invariably introduced in the course of adding these new features, so please help me test it out ;-) Here’s the link you’ve been looking for. From the Changelog: v0.2.3 Feature: Fingerprinting support for svmap. Included and 3 databases used for fingerprinting. Feature: Added which allows one to add new signatures to db and send them to the author.…

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OSSEC v1.5 now has builtin Asterisk rules

Published on May 2, 2008 in ,

A new OSSEC version has been released. Along with a number of updates, OSSEC now includes the Asterisk rules that were first published in my hakin9 article and then here. The rest of the updates are described in the Changelog. Grab it now.…

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SIPVicious tool suite on Backtrack 3 beta

Published on Mar 21, 2008 in ,

Backtrack, the popular live cd that comes with lots of Penetration Testing tools now includes SIPVicious tools in its list of packages. The latest is the BT 3 beta which has a corrupt version of SIPVicious. A quick fix is posted on the Backtrack forums themselves here. Archangel Amael was also kind enough to write up a short guide to SIPVicious.…

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Using OSSEC to detect attacks on an Asterisk box

Published on Mar 15, 2008 in , ,

This post is an echo on the previous post which describes how to configure snort to detect SIP attacks. This time we look at detecting attacks at the PBX’s end rather than by monitoring network traffic. OSSEC allows us to do just this - it is a host intrusion detection system that can do matching on log files and actively react to attack. By default OSSEC does not have support for Asterisk.…

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SIP Fingerprinting in SVN

Published on Jan 27, 2008 in , ,

I finally added fingerprinting to svmap. This gives it the ability to guess what is running on a SIP network entity even if the user-agent header is missing. You’re welcome to give it a try. If you already have sipvicious: $ svn update If you don’t: svn checkout sipvicious-read-only Any bug reports please send to me Enjoy…

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Whats brewing on the SIPVicious front

Published on Dec 19, 2007 in ,

Been quite for a while, but that does not mean that I’ve been resting. Instead I’ve been looking into fingerprinting SIP devices and not relying on the User-agent header to identify the a SIP network element’s name. This means that SIPVicious tools will soon be able to guess the name of the device. What’s important is that the tools will be able to maintain do this without sacrificing speed and efficiency.…

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Password policies for PBX servers

Published on Dec 11, 2007 in ,

Password policies form an important part of computer security. Unfortunately a large number of VoIP PBX servers do not apply any policies when it comes to authentication. Because of the lack of such security mechanisms, bruteforce attacks are a viable way to attack PBX servers. Svcrack, which is part of the SIPVicious tool suite, demonstrates this. Of course, vendors and developers should be cautious when implementing features that can cause a denial of service.…

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introduction to svcrack

Published on Nov 29, 2007 in , ,

**The purpose of svcrack is very straightforward.This tool will launch a password guessing attack extensions on the SIP registrar. Attackers will be after your SIP passwords because such knowledge allows them to: ** Get free long distance calls Hijack and spoof phone calls Eat your spaghetti The most obvious and damaging problem is toll fraud. Traditionally phone phreaks enjoyed free calls by abusing security flaws within the phone company’s system as well as private companies’ PABXs.…

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