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SEC-T in Sweden and SIPVicious update in svn

Published on Sep 7, 2009 in , ,

Its been a while since I updated SIPVicious, mostly because I have been working on SIPVicious 2.0 (being used in However I decided to add a few new options for svmap and svreport to help me with the research for this new presentation I’ll be giving on Friday at SEC-T in Stockholm, Sweden. The presentation is called “Searching for phones on the Internet” and subtitled “Adventures with SIPVicious”. Will be posting more details on the presentation later on, but lets describe the new features in svmap.…

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Scan your public facing PBX with

Published on Jul 17, 2009 in , ,

Announcing, the SaaS Voice over IP Security scanner. If you’re already familiar with SIPVicious, then you can guess what this tool does. This online tool makes it easier than ever to check if the Asterisk box you just installed, or most other SIP PBX servers, is misconfigured and contains weak credentials. Attackers on the ’net are already doing this for their own benefit, don’t wait until they hit your PBX!…

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SaaS VoIP Security Scanning with

Published on Apr 7, 2009 in ,

Apply for a beta code now while its still hot! What is VOIPSCANNER.COM makes scanning your public facing IP PBX for security holes easier than ever. No need for desktop applications or any software installation, just enter the IP address of your IP PBX and you will receive a report of what attackers out there might find about your IP PBX. demo from Sandro Gauci on Vimeo.…

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VoIPScanner, SIP Digest Leak tutorial and more!

Published on Apr 1, 2009 in ,

Check out the tutorial. This security flaw has been getting a bit of attention so I thought of preparing a tutorial on how to use VOIPPACK to demo it. There’s the video that I posted earlier on which shows the attack in action. In the tutorial I explain how to do this step by step on a softphone and a hardphone as well. SIP Digest Leak from Sandro Gauci on Vimeo.…

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Late March updates

Published on Mar 17, 2009 in , ,

It’s about time that we look at SIPVicious again. If you’re making use of the SVN version, please update to the latest svn commit which includes some fixes for bugs that were creating unnecessary traffic. I’m currently planning on a major update of SIPVicious - email me with your suggestions and VoIP needs please ;-) Cleaner and extensible code guaranteed. VOIPPACK gets to target IP Phones this month, with 2 major new modules that highlight what can be done to both hardphones and softphones: Ghostcall and “SIP Digest Leak”.…

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VOIP Scanning on the increase

Various service providers and vendors have noticed an increase in VoIP scanning traffic. Arbor Networks mentioned VoIP attacks as one of their increasing concerns. A Norwegian honeynet detected various INVITE requests trying to get VoIP systems on the internet to dial specific numbers. This scan is for open VOIP relays. VoIP attacks are nothing new really and some people in the telco-fraud business seem to have been around for quite a while.…

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Introducing EnableSecurity VoIPPack

Published on Dec 13, 2008 in

EnableSecurity VoIPPack is a pack or addon for Immunity CANVAS that complements this tool with commercial-grade VoIP scanning capabilities. Probably the most intruiguing module currently is sipautohack. The following is a taster showing sipautohack scanning a target network, identifying PBX server, enumerating the extensions intelligently and finally cracking the password for each extension on the PBX. More demos here. . For more information about VoIPPack take a look at the product page.…

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Upcoming changes in SIPVicious

Published on Sep 9, 2008 in ,

The following are two updates for the next version of SIPVicious’s PBX extension enumeration tool svwar: svwar now tries to guess common numbers by default. It scans for the following ranges: 1000,2000… 9000, 1001, 2001..9001, 1111,2222… 9999, 11111,22222…99999, 100-999, 1234,2345 ..7890 and so on. This feature has a tendency to identify extensions on many PBX configurations. If you would like to disable it simply pass the –disabledefaults option to svwar. svwar now sends ACK responses to SIP responses with code 200 because some PBXes keep sending packets until they receive an acknowledge.…

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Surf Jack - HTTPS will not save you

Published on Aug 11, 2008 in ,

Alert: this is not a VoIP security post. Just a repost from EnableSecurity. I just released a new paperand tool on the subject of web application security. Check out the blog post (which includes the bonus video everyone loves), and the proof of concept tool itself. And if you did not do it already, please subscribe to my other site, EnableSecurity’s RSS feed.…

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New SIPVicious release 0.2.4

Published on Aug 10, 2008 in ,

Just updated the release of SIPVicious to 0.2.4 to include a couple of bug fixes in svwar and a new feature. The new “–template” parameter allows you to make use of format strings to create more flexible ranges. Some examples include scanning prefixes or suffixes.. which apparently can be quite useful with certain environments ;-) Many thanks to Teodor Georgiev for his patience and help in making SIPVicious more robust and reliable!…

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