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SIPVicious PRO 6.0.0-beta.4 getting close to take-off!

This one’s a bit of a boring update for SIPVicious PRO. That’s because we’re getting to a stable place where flag names and values do not change too often. Which means, we’re getting out of beta rather soon! However, it is still a major update because we made a significant number of internal changes. For example, we standardized a number of flags to be the same across all tools. We discovered that we can minimize each tool’s flagset by making use of config flags such as --auth-config that allows you to configure behaviours specific to how SIPVicious handles authentication (e.…

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Sandro Gauci

Sandro Gauci, Enable Security

TADSummit Asia 2021 talk about SIPVicious Pro and the Demo Server

TADSummit is a great event where people from different backgrounds that are somehow involved in communications, contribute in various ways. I, personally, always look forward to see what’s coming up in the next TADSummit event. At the moment, TADSummit Asia presentations are currently being released on a daily basis on the main site. And last week, the presentation that I prepared was published! In the previous TADSummit, I had presented about why we need to bring an offensive approach to RTC security.…

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OpenSIPIt'01: Lessons learned, STIR/SHAKEN security testing and RFC 8760

Published on Apr 16, 2021

Executive summary (TL;DR) It was a great event, highly recommended if you’re a SIP developer. We developed new STIR/SHAKEN capabilities in SIPVicious PRO. And we found some vulnerabilities during the event that got fixed in the process. What was OpenSIPIt#01 about? This week the humble security researchers from Enable Security participated in OpenSIPIt#01, an online event run by the community to test interoperability across various independent open-source SIP implementations especially when it comes to new RFCs.…

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SIPVicious OSS 0.3.3 released with new STDIN and target URL specification

Without further ado, please say hello to SIPVicious OSS 0.3.3! To install or upgrade run pip install -U sipvicious. For more installation methods, see the wiki. What’s new? SIP extensions and passwords from standard input We have a new feature which seems so simple yet so powerful: STDIN for dictionary input! This works for both svwar and svcrack. It is similar to what we did with SIPVicious PRO, which (surprisingly) proved to be a very popular feature.…

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VoIPmonitor advisories: buffer overflow leading to RCE + XSS vulnerabilities

Published on Mar 15, 2021

VoIPmonitor released updates to both the sniffer component and the web application to address vulnerabilities that your favourite Enable Security researchers identified and reported. The sniffer component had a buffer overflow flaw that we actually abused to run arbitrary code (yes, in 2021!). The web application, on the other hand, was vulnerable to cross-site scripting introduced through SIP messages with XSS payloads - which is pretty bad. And so, we just released three advisories to provide further details so that organisations using this software can make better informed decisions.…

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SIPVicious OSS 0.3.2 released with more IPv6 goodness!

The free and opensource version of SIPVicious has been updated so that support for IPv6 is also available in svmap. If you can’t wait to try it out, you can get it at the official repository or by using pip3 install sipvicious --upgrade. So now, with svmap’s IPv6 support, you can do stuff like: sipvicious_svmap -6 -v 2a01:7e01::f03c:92ff:fecf:60a8 INFO:DrinkOrSip:trying to get self ip .. might take a while INFO:root:start your engines INFO:DrinkOrSip:-:61500 -> 2a01:7e01::f03c:92ff:fecf:60a8:5060 -> kamailio (5.…

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Communication Breakdown / rtcsec also on FreeRTC and SIP Planet

Published on Feb 12, 2021

At Enable Security, we often contribute the open source RTC communication in various ways - vulnerability reports, blog posts and analysis. And so, this blog is now aggregated on Free Real-Time Communications (RTC) and SIP planet sites! Now that was a short post :-) Next one will be longer.…

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SIPVicious PRO 6.0.0-beta.2 takes STDIN and fixes various bugs

What we’re excited about in this minor update is the addition of a new feature to the SIP cracker in SIPVicious PRO. Basically, it now takes input from external tools through standard input. Why? Because it allows infinite ways of generating potential usernames, passwords and/or SIP extensions when making use of external tools such as the maskprocessor included in the well known password cracker, hashcat. Here’s an animation showing usage of the maskprocessor to generate passwords for the SIP online cracking tool:…

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SIPVicious PRO beta release contains SIP fuzzer and better automation

We just made SIPVicious PRO v6.0.0-beta.1 available to our beta testers. This latest release brings a new SIP fuzzer and enhancements for automation to your favourite RTC offensive security toolset. We have the following highlights with this release: New fuzzing tools - sip fuzz method. This used to be in a separate internal tool called gasoline (see our toolset page); this now been polished and has joined the SVPRO toolset; this has been used to identify vulnerabilities in Kamailio (advisory), sngrep (advisory 1 and 2) and other SIP servers.…

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Alfred Farrugia

Alfred Farrugia, Enable Security

How doing QA testing for SIPVicious PRO led to an Asterisk DoS

Executive summary (TL;DR) While heavily testing SIPVicious PRO for bugs, we encountered an unexpected crash in Asterisk. We reported this to the Asterisk team, who recently issued a fix. If you’re a vendor, you too can beta test SIPVicious PRO! How the Asterisk crash was found We test our software as much as we can because, like any other software, ours contains bugs too! When it comes to SIPVicious PRO, one of our quality assurance tests is to run it against instances of Asterisk and Kamailio and check for expected results.…

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