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SIPVicious PRO experimental now supports STIR/SHAKEN and 5 new tools

We just made two builds available to our SIPVicious PRO members. One is called the stable build, while the other is the experimental build. The v6.0.0-beta.5 stable build includes a large number of fixes, much better (or sane) defaults and full coverage of SRTP throughout the toolset.

The experimental version is where the excitement is. Our members now have access to 5 new tools that we find useful in our work:

  • RTP fuzzer
  • SIP STIR/SHAKEN fuzzer
  • SIP Iterator utility
  • TCP flood tool
  • SIP server for fuzzing

Each new tool warrants a blog post of its own. But that’s not all, because some of the existent tools have now been blessed with STIR/SHAKEN capabilities and also the ability to use multiple source IP addresses for the SIP flood DoS tool.

Full details of what is new can be read at the release notes page.

New SIPVicious PRO documentation site looking slick

Finally, the SIPVicious documentation site is refreshed and updated to match the bold color scheme and design that we adopted here at Enable Security. And it separates the stable and experimental tool documentation since some of the same tools may behave differently depending on the build. And we now recommend running SIPVicious PRO using the Docker image that we have on Github. Check it out at

SIPVicious PRO is available as a subscription to paying members of the SIPVicious PRO club