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SIPVicious PRO 6.0.0-beta.4 getting close to take-off!

This one’s a bit of a boring update for SIPVicious PRO. That’s because we’re getting to a stable place where flag names and values do not change too often. Which means, we’re getting out of beta rather soon!

However, it is still a major update because we made a significant number of internal changes. For example, we standardized a number of flags to be the same across all tools. We discovered that we can minimize each tool’s flagset by making use of config flags such as --auth-config that allows you to configure behaviours specific to how SIPVicious handles authentication (e.g. selecting a specific algorithm for digest authentication). This allows us to better show those flags that are more commonly used and hide the really custom or advanced ones away until they’re actually needed. And obviously, we fixed lots of bugs.

The SIPVicious mascot in ASCII art

This latest update brings the following:

  • Introductory video at
  • A large number of changes in the flags which were updated for consistency reasons, see the release notes for a full list.
  • A new command list to get a list of all tools that are available.
  • A number of bug fixes or feature enhancements in rtp flood to bring it up to scratch with the sip commands.
  • Lots of bug fixes in various attack tools!

We’re no longer taking new beta testers and SIPVicious PRO is already available as a subscription to early paying members of the SIPVicious PRO club. But I’m getting ahead of myself, a proper announcement will be coming soon ;-)