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Kamailio World Online SIP and VoIP Security Panel

On 2nd September, 14:00-14:30 Berlin time, the author of this post is joining Olle E. Johansson to chat at Kamailio World online about (guess what?) SIP and VoIP security, and recommendations on how working from home impacts security. I very much look forward to our discussions that will be streamed live on the Kamailio World youtube channel!

My arguments will likely be turned into an opinion piece later on, but they’ll likely steer towards the following thoughts:

  • How traditional VoIP was not designed for today’s security realities, which makes it significantly harder to secure
  • If you want to be more realistic security-wise, WebRTC is a natural step forward
  • But … WebRTC does introduce new attack surfaces
  • The power of offensive security when securing your communications
  • How testing tools change the economics of security, hand in hand with knowledge and monitoring

Kamailio World Online is celebrating 19 years of development. The schedule is to be found here, with various interesting talks to be given by the usual suspects.