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SIPVicious PRO v6.0.0 alpha.5 available to our clients

Published on Jun 3, 2020 in , ,

With great pleasure, we announce the availability of the v6.0.0-alpha.5 version of SIPVicious PRO. This is a major update since most of the promised feature-set of the existent modules is now available. While you are encouraged to read the release notes, the main highlights are the following:

  • Target demo server ( now implemented, used throughout the documentation for attack examples and training purposes
  • An extensive getting started page is now available, with instructions on how to use most of the modules
  • Exit codes! Yes, for automation, say, in your CI pipelines
  • All flags that were previously marked as TODO are now fully functional (with the exception of DTLS SRTP)
  • SDES SRTP supported throughout all modules
  • DTMF tone generation, because in RTP inject attacks, this is particularly useful
  • Lots of bug fixes and refactoring thanks to more consistent internal testing and the perseverance of our dear developers and internal testers

If you already have access to SVPRO, then you should have received an email from us with further details. If not, and if you work for a vendor, service provider or develop an opensource VoIP or WebRTC project, please see our instructions on how to get SIPVicious PRO.