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SIPVicious OSS 0.3.0 released

Published on Mar 10, 2020 in , ,

Python 2 apocalypse is here

It’s been a few years since we released a new version of SIPVicious. Truth is, we were working on SIPVicious PRO which we started making available to some of our clients. Many people still use the open-source version of SIPVicious and it is included in various pentest Linux distributions, and definitely is useful to a number of people (especially after they change the user-agent string). And so, with the impending Python2 apocalypse, we decided to make a new release, porting SIPVicious OSS to Python 3 and including various updates that happened since 2015 in the master branch.

So without further ado, please welcome SIPVicious OSS 0.3.0. This update includes:

  • Port to Python 3! thanks to 0xInfection
  • IPv6 support for svwar and svcrack
  • svcrack now takes the –method option too
  • qop and md5-sess auth support added
  • lots of bug fixes

The release can be found here. You can also install using pip as follows:

pip install sipvicious --user