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New Mascot and Tshirts!! and .. Kamailio World 2016 - 9 Years Of Friendly Scanning And Vicious SIP

Published on May 24, 2016 in , ,

On the presentation

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting something new at Kamailio World 2016. Great community and excellent feedback!

The presentation went through the following:

  • How and why SIPVicious was originally written and published
  • Those strange emails and phone calls asking for special version ;-)
  • RIPE’s experiment and how it was interesting in terms of SIP security
  • Sality pushing modified versions of SIPVicious
  • Attackers making use of insecure Tandberg systems to install SIPVicious
  • SVCrash - why it was published and how it worked
  • Security updates from the VoIP and PBX industry
  • Rewriting SIPVicious (various fails)
  • What happened since then and what I’ve been using during VoIP pentests that involve SIP
  • 2016, yet another rewrite on the way
  • New features in this latest rewrite attempt and how they show some important security issues

Some parts were sped up due to the limited time that I had for my presentation, but I think the main points were delivered. If you missed the conference, you can watch the video on Youtube.

T-shirts, mugs, hoodies and fluffy pillows

Oh and about those t-shirts - just published the new SIPVicious mascot design, gave away some swag and they ran out within minutes. So I decided to make it available to anyone who needs to have the friendly-scanner punk all to him or herself! Check out the Spreadshirt shop here.

*Note to Finanzamt and any related entities:
I have removed any commission so that I get no financial profit out of this. Zero. Nil. *