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SEC-T in Sweden and SIPVicious update in svn

Published on Sep 7, 2009 in , ,

Its been a while since I updated SIPVicious, mostly because I have been working on SIPVicious 2.0 (being used in However I decided to add a few new options for svmap and svreport to help me with the research for this new presentation I’ll be giving on Friday at SEC-T in Stockholm, Sweden.
The presentation is called “Searching for phones on the Internet” and subtitled “Adventures with SIPVicious”.

Will be posting more details on the presentation later on, but lets describe the new features in

  • -d, –debug , which prints SIP messages received, very handy when you need to watch what’s happening in the background
  • -I scan1, –inputtext=scan1, allows you to specify a text file containing ranges of IP addresses just like you would on the command line; however instead of putting a space between each range, you should put each range in a separate line
  • –first=100, allows you to specify the number of SIP messages to send until svmap quits; this is useful when you have large ranges of IP addresses and you only want to scan the first few thousand addresses; works well with –randomize

Svreport was also updated to support 2 new options:

  • stats : allows you to extract some basic statistics from the session files (saved svmap output)
  • search : which simply searches through svmap’s sessions

To update your copy of SIPVicious run:
hostname:sipviciousdir user$ svn update

Please send me any feedback to and let me know if you found these new options useful.