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Sandro Gauci

Sandro Gauci, Enable Security

Introducing EnableSecurity VoIPPack

Published on Dec 13, 2008 in

EnableSecurity VoIPPack is a pack or addon for Immunity CANVAS that complements this tool with commercial-grade VoIP scanning capabilities. Probably the most intruiguing module currently is sipautohack.

The following is a taster showing sipautohack scanning a target network, identifying PBX server, enumerating the extensions intelligently and finally cracking the password for each extension on the PBX. More demos here.


For more information about VoIPPack take a look at the product page. EnableSecurity is currently running a private beta. Apply as a beta tester.

Sandro Gauci

Sandro Gauci

CEO, Chief Mischief Officer at Enable Security

Sandro Gauci leads the operations and research at Enable Security. He is the original developer of SIPVicious OSS, the SIP security testing toolset. His role is to focus on the vision of the company, design offensive security tools and engage in security research and testing. Therefore, he is the proud owner of the title of Chief Mischief Officer at Enable Security.

He offers public office hours and is reachable here.