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Backtrack 3 out - with VoIP security tools

Published on Jun 20, 2008 in ,

The final Backtrack 3 is out and it features some VoIP tools in the /pentest directory:

  • SIPVicious (guess you know by now what this is about :)
  • Voiper - a SIP fuzzing toolkit which aims at identifying flaws in VoIP products that do SIP and SDP.
  • Sipbomber - a SIP testing tool which has test cases that are run against SIP enabled software / devices
  • SIP Rogue - allows application level man in the middle (MITM) attacks on SIP devices.

In the $PATH one can find:

  • VoIP Hopper - allows one to hop between VLANS.
  • VOIPONG - a Voice over IP sniffer - will record any phone calls that it sees.
  • sipdump / sipcrack - an offline password cracker for the digest authentication used by SIP

Tools that were previously found in Backtrack 2 are described on the tools page.

Grab Backtrack from the official site.