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SIPVicious 0.2.1 public beta

Published on Nov 3, 2007 in ,

Just wanted to let you know that v0.2.1 is public beta (meaning that it will be released soon). Go for it (and submit a bug report if you get any bad feelings) ;-)

v0.2.1 (maintenance)

  • Feature: updated the report function to include more information about the system. Python version and operating system is now included in the bug report. option now supports optional feedback.
  • Feature: Store information about the state of a session. Sessions can be complete or incomplete, so that you can resume incomplete sessions but not complete ones.
  • Bug fix: Added a check to make sure that the python version is supported. Anything less than version 2.4 is not supported
  • Bug fix: IP in the SIP msg was being set to localhost when not explicitly set. This is not correct behavior and was fixed. As a result of this behavior some devices, such as Grandstream BT100 were not being detected. Thanks to robert&someone from bulgaria for reporting this
  • Bug fix: fixed a bug in the database which was reported anonymously via the –reportback / -R option.Thanks whoever reported that. Bug concerns the dbm which does not support certain methods supported other database modules referenced by anydbm. Reproduced on FreeBSD. Thanks to Anthony Williams for help identifying this
  • Bug fix: Ranges of extensions in svwar could not take long numeric extensions (xrange does not support long / large numbers). Thanks to Joern for reporting this
  • Bug fix: svwar was truncating extension names containing certain characters. Fixed.
  • Bug fix: when binding to a specific interface, the IP within the SIP message could be incorrect (when there are multiple interfaces). This has been fixed.
  • Cosmetic: Certain PBXs reply with “603 Declined” when svwar finds that the extension does not exist. This creates extra noise. It is now being suppressed.

That’s all folks!