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SIPVicious tools 0.1.9 .. aka 0.2 beta

Published on Oct 3, 2007 in ,

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If you have svn installed, you can keep updated by running “svn update” in the sipvicious directory. To view the changes, the command is “svn diff”.

A list of new features:

  • Session / database support allowing you to resume a scan as well as to store scans which can later be exported
  • A new script called svreport. Allows you to resolve ip addresses of previous scans, export previous scans to different file formats: pdf, xml (supporting html output via xlst), csv and plain text.
  • Random scanning
  • Svmap can scan various formats of IP ranges - CIDR and wildcards supported
  • Output is more clean. Added verbosity levels and quiet mode.
  • Help (–help) actually helps you now
  • Various bug fixes in svmap, svwar and svcrack

Known issues:

  • When scanning behind NAT, you’ll end up loosing SIP responses from certain devices (eg. Cisco) and therefore give incorrect results. We hope to fix this by including UDP hole punching techniques (STUN anyone?)