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Updates to SIPVicious tools

Published on Aug 24, 2007 in , ,

In the past two days I’ve been busy working on updates for SIPVicious tools:

Scanning a large number of hosts does not take long for to start anymore

Fixed a few bugs / unhandled exceptions

we’re doing 160 hosts per second now :)

updated user documentation for svmap

added some switches to svmap:

  • Verbose. The mode you add of these, the more debug information you get. -vvv for ub3r super debug info.
  • Binding ip -b. This allows you to specify an IP address to bind to. By default it binds to all IP addresses.
  • External IP -x. Allows you to specify your external IP address. Use this when you’re behind NAT and / or have multiple network interfaces on the host.

Currently SIPVicious tools only support UDP. I hope to integrate TCP and TLS later on though not too soon. Any feedback is welcome. If you want to take a look .. look no further than the svn repository ;-)